Opal Music Studio COVID-19 Response

Opal Music Studio is holding lessons and events for students remotely. We are accepting new students on all instruments. Contact us to learn more.

Opal Music Studio provides the highest quality private lesson instruction to students of all ages and abilities, on a variety of instruments and in a variety of styles. Opal's highly trained faculty provide serious instruction in a creative environment, where students are eager to hear new ideas and unafraid to try new things.

Opal Music Studio is an Alexandria gem! It fosters our children's music skills, one playing the guitar and another the piano, in the most amazing environment. Our children walk to their lessons in the row house, enjoy game nights with other students, and are taught by faculty who have a deep understanding of both music and their young students. The sense of community at Opal stretches beyond just "music lessons."  The studio and our children's time spent there are one of our favorite things about living in Old Town!

- Laura

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