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Events and Opportunities

Performance Classes

We offer group classes before the big studio recitals where students learn how to perform, listen, and act during a concert.

Themed Recitals

We always look forward to our smaller, themed recitals, to allow students more opportunities to perform. We do several themed events throughout the year, including a Halloween, Christmas, Passport, Spring, and Zoo-themed recitals; individual teachers sometimes also choose a theme for their students and celebrate with a recital.


This offers a chance for qualified students to perform in front of a different teacher and receive feedback on their performance in front of an audience; a great way both to showcase students and observe different teaching styles.

Student Achievement Juries

Students have a chance to play in front of highly qualified judges and receive written comments about their performances.

Music Game Nights

These evening events at the studio help students reinforce concepts they're learning in their lessons through music themed games, Opal Bucks, and a Music Math general store.

Outside Performing Opportunities

Opal partners with local community groups like ArtSpire and Hooray for Books to give our students a chance to perform in other venues in Alexandria. We also have Notes for Hope, a student-led program that brings Opal musicians to retirement communities in Alexandria.

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