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Events and Opportunities

Performance Classes: We offer group classes before the big studio recitals where students learn how to perform, listen, and act during a concert.


Themed Recitals: We always look forward to our smaller, themed recitals for just their students, to allow students more opportunities to perform. We do several themed events throughout the year, including a halloween recital and Christmas recital; individual teachers sometimes also choose a themed project for their studios and celebrate with a recital.


Master Classes: This offers a chance for qualified students to perform in front of a different teacher and receive feedback on their performance in front of an audience; a great way both to showcase students and observe different teaching styles.


Student Achievement Juries: Students have a chance to play in front of highly qualified 'judges' and receive written comments about their performances.


Music Game Nights: These evening events at the studio help students reinforce concepts they're learning in their lessons through music themed games; music mind games is one of the systems that we use for these events.


Outside Performing Opportunities: Opal partners with community groups like ArtSpire and Hooray for Books to give our students a chance to perform in other venues in Alexandria. We also have Notes for Hope, a student-led program that brings Opal musicians to local retirement communities in Alexandria.

Opal Calendar of Events

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