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Olivia Thompson, Piano and Voice

Coming from North Carolina, Olivia has achieved her Bachelor of Arts in Music Studies, and she is about to graduate with her Master of Arts in Music Education this December. She has had 14 years of classical vocal training, and had pursued that in her undergraduate degree. She has performed in many musicals, choir ensembles, solo vocal performances, as well as the opera Pirates of Penzance. Her vocal training allows her to perform languages such as French, German, Italian, English, and Russian. Olivia has also had 12 years of classical piano training while pursuing her musical career. She has had the opportunity to perform in numerous years of piano competitions and recitals. Going into her third year of teaching, she specializes in teaching both voice and piano for private lessons from beginners all the way to advanced levels. She chooses to focus on all genres that students wish to pursue, as nothing is out of reach. For all of her students, her goal is to create a safe space for students to become passionate about music to further explore their talents.

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